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Whilst we're finishing off this book and all of the links on this page feel free to read the English version of 'The courage to be me' or the Spanish 'El coraje de ser jo'


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We love to be generous. We love to know that people who might not be able to afford this book are able to read the book in full for free online. But we also love to receive generosity. It helps us know that our work is valued and that people care that we can continue to keep putting beautiful things out there in the world. The Consent Collective is an independent social-enterprise. We don't receive any funding for our work. We're proud to generate an income selling our resources and use any profit to fund the things we don't get paid for. Things like the free read of 'The courage to be me', 'El coraje de ser yo' and our social justice work as we focus our efforts on how people heal from the injustices caused by sexual harm and relationship abuse. We could do more of this with your support.

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Dr Nina Burrowes

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A free-read of this book is available on this webpage and you are very welcome to link to this page from your own websites, social media or any other format. The book is protected by copyright. You do not have permission to take screenshots of any pages or print any part of the book. If you want a printed copy those can be purchased below. 

The English sequel to 'The courage to be me'

How do you follow-up 'The courage to be me?'. In 2021 I built my answer to that question. I wanted to create something that had just as much heart as the book but could take the material further and offer people some pragmatic steps on their healing journey.

How do people heal from trauma_preview_subtitles
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'How do people heal from trauma?' is an online course (with doodles of course!) that explains trauma and importantly, explores what healing from trauma may look like. It was a pleasure to create, and just like the book, it's managing to help many people on their path.

My story continues...

I'm writing a new chapter in my life that I hope one day will become another book. In September 2021 my partner and I left our home, put all of our belongings in storage, and started travelling around the UK in our gorgeous sign-written van.


Our hope is that the end of this road we will open a retreat centre for our work somewhere in the UK countryside. A space for survivors. A space for activists. A space where nature can help us on our path. Until then, we are travelling and holding circles around the question 'How do people heal from injustice?'.


Once again I find myself humbled in the presence of others. 

An ink drawing of Nina and Cyn hugging a tree at Tay Forest.
Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

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This image is taken from our logo and represents a line of different people coming together
This image is taken from our logo and represents a line of different people coming together
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