Talking in circles 12: The unfolding

A toss of the coin sent us on the path to Scotland and here we talk about the unfolding we've seen and felt in this land. Our journey is unfolding, we've been given the chance to feel what it might be like to settle somewhere in these hills. Our work is unfolding, we're growing in all directions and part of that growth is being able to feel what is a good path for us, and what is a distraction.

Unfolding is about trust. Trusting the process. Trusting the end result. What better way to commit to this trust than to let go of the sides of the river bank and let our lives flow in possibility as much as possible. Here we talk about house sitting and how that brings possibility into this journey in ways we continue to learn about and be grateful for.

In time with nature, which is now in late spring, we're feeling our form stretch and grow into new shapes. Shapes that reveal who we are becoming. Shapes that are taking us to our place and our people.

Get comfy and join us for this episode of Talking in Circles where we share our unfolding process with each other and you.


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