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Talking in circles 3: The vessel

Vessels have always been important in our work. We need the right containers for our passion, our pain, our hope. Containers keep us safe, they hold a boundary, they provide a process for finding ourselves again. In this recording we welcome our new container for the road ahead.

If you prefer to use YouTube you can listen to this recording on YouTube here.


Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

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Resources to support you on your journey

An online course to help you heal from trauma

Online course
8 hours

Essential, gentle learning for individuals living with trauma and the therapists and support workers who are accompanying them on their healing journey

An image from The courage to be me reading 'A better life would mean looking at my past so that I can learn to live with it'

Self-help book

The illustrated book about life after abuse that has helped thousands of people on their journey. Read it for free online or order your paperback copy

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