Talking in circles 5: London, Yoda and discovery

It has been with kind familiarity that we spent this week in London, our first week away from what was home in Brighton only a short 6 days ago. After all the energy, physical and emotional, it took to pack up and start this journey, it was such an incredible kindness to find ourselves not very far from where we set off actually and walking familiar streets, seeing beautiful familiar faces, having rich colourful conversations with organisations we share this work with and not to forget wonderful walks through London parks and along the river.

All this amidst a week that has been tough for many. A week where the cracks in our society are gaping wide open, almost swallowing our hope that change is also here. Not feeling safe has been punctuated by several exclamation marks, one after the other, some shared in the media and some of our own. It’s heavy and the weight of it is not something any of us should, or can, carry on our own. The week here has meant that there were many hands holding the weight together and for that I am grateful. I am also deeply sad and deeply angry and this too has been shared this week.

My hope is still there but as with movement of any kind, any extra weight slows you down.

So it’s with a slower pace, and no less passion, that we look ahead to our next stop, Wales, where we’ll be starting the public conversations around the question, ‘How do people we heal from injustice?’ Talking about healing feels more important with each day that passes and today especially I invite it to flow into all the spaces where it is so very much needed. For us all.

We hope to see some of you along the way, if not in person, in shared energy. In the meantime, you can listen to one of our circular conversations recorded in this moment...

If you prefer to use YouTube you can listen to this recording on YouTube here.


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