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Talking in circles 9: Wrapping up 2021 one step at a time

Although it’s not possible to summarise 2021 in any great detail (there were simply too many moments to capture or even to remember), it is possible to feel the strongest energies that made it what it was.

In this episode of Talking in Circles, we wade through some of the moments and mostly we try to touch and identify the feelings we’re left with. Luckily, just like nature, our thoughts are generous in that the seeds they once were, grow into harvests that make it tangible for us and we can identify what has grown there.

Metaphor is one of the very best ways in which I found grounding of feelings and thoughts sometimes and in this conversation, it helps us to explore the journeying we’ve already done and feel our way into the next parts of that. It also helps us to bind together the harder parts of the year because on those roads the views have been quite spectacular too.

So put your boots on and take a few steps with us, we so welcome your company.

Sent with wishes of beautiful journeys for you. May the variety of your surroundings in 2022 be the adventure that your soul embraces with arms open wide!

Much love


Photo taken on a visit to Sheffield Women's Aid in December 2021



Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

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