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Something good from this

When reporting systems fail, when victims of sexual harassment or sexual violence feel as damaged by their experience of reporting as they did by the original abuse, when people have given up seeking the kind of justice they always believed would be there, one of the things they can hope for is that something good will come out of their experience.

Something good from this is a project from The Consent Collective. We're a community of activists, survivors and experts. Some of us have our own bruises from attempts to get justice. Some of us spend our time working closely with the justice systems that often let people down.

If you've made a report of sexual harassment or sexual violence to the police, your university, your employer or another institution and that process has left you feeling confused, blamed, or isolated we hope our events and content helps you understand what your rights are, what normal reactions to sexual harassment or sexual assault are, and how understanding experiences of injustice might help us build better and stronger training material for the people and organisations you reported to. 


The failure of criminal justice systems when it comes to rape. Are we asking the right questions?