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This is the logo for Consent Collective TV

The University of Warwick's Consent Collective TV subscription came to an end in August 2022.

We're sorry to see you go. 

Whilst our TV resource has been unplugged at your university you can still use our other resources to help you with your staff training and student wellbeing needs.

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Support the professional development of your team with our online courses and peer network group.

Essential psychology when investigating sexual harassment on campus

Online course
6 hours CPD

Help your teams improve their interviewing skills and feel more confident about the outcomes of your investigations

Placing this work in a wider context - though leadership seminar

Online course
3 hours CPD

Support your professional development by understanding the context in which sexual harassment takes place

The Consent Collective peer network of professionals in Higher Education

HE Peer Network

Connect with colleagues across the HE sector who are working to prevent sexual harassment on campus by joining our peer network mailing list. 


Improve your wellbeing provision by making our resources part of your referral pathway when students come forward for wellbeing support or report sexual harassment on campus.

An online course to help you heal from trauma

Online course
8 hours

Essential, gentle learning for individuals living with trauma and the therapists and support workers who are accompanying them on their healing journey

An image from The courage to be me reading 'A better life would mean looking at my past so that I can learn to live with it'

Self-help book

The illustrated book about life after abuse that has helped thousands of people on their journey. Order it in bulk at wholesale prices to give to your students.

Staff training
This image is taken from our logo and represents a line of different people coming together
This image is taken from our logo and represents a line of different people coming together
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