The Consent Collective at

The University of Sheffield 

Every university community needs to start talking about consent, sex, gender, sexual harassment and relationships. That's why The Consent Collective is proud to be working with

The University of Sheffield to start conversations about these important issues.


On this page you'll find information about our free online membership, details of events we'll be hosting on your campus, episodes of our podcast 'How to be good in bed' and information about sources of support at The University of Sheffield.

Videos and podcasts available now for staff and students at The University of Sheffield

Where to go for support and information

As well as using your Consent Collective membership students and staff at

The University of Sheffield can also seek support from these organisations 

On Campus

Visit Report + Support, the University of Sheffield online platform for staff and students for reporting and accessing support about harassment, abuse, bullying, sexual violence and discrimination of any kind

Upcoming events at

The University of Sheffield

Activism and me: Sheffield
Mar 05, 6:00 PM
Fusion at Student Union
Join The Consent Collective as we share some lessons learned from engaging in #MeToo activism and explore how those lessons might help shape the changes you'd like to see in the world.