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When people are asked to sit with the complexities of sexual harm or relationship abuse as part of their work or volunteering they need a special kind of support. This work is done best when people feel nurtured, supported and connected with colleagues.

If you're looking for ways to help avoid burnout, improve connections and encourage personal and professional growth we'd love to help you with that.

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Join us for REST

This work needs moments of silence.


It needs deep rest.


It needs time feeling connected to colleagues.


It needs celebration and ritual.


It needs moments when you feel thoroughly nurtured. 

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Join us for CEREMONY

"Justice is what love looks like in public"

Cornel West

As part of our exploration into healing from injustice we have developed a ceremony to act as a way of honouring our collective pain, rage, grief and hope. This ceremony is an alternative to our broken justice systems. It's a place to recognise the injustice we all hold, whether that is through lived experience of abuse, being impacted by the abuse of our loved ones, by the injustice we bear witness to in our work and activism or the injustice of living in a society that is failing to protect people from harm. 


Let us take your teams through this simple but profound process so they can experience what is possible when we make space for each other and discover the justice that is possible in community.

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Join us for ADVENTURE

There's nothing like an adventure to inspire, to get creative, to build relationships and to help us return home that little bit changed.

Whether you're looking for an away-day or an extended visit that incorporates learning, wellbeing and team building come and join us in beautiful Pitlochry and discover why we felt called by this land.

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Our experiences can include...

  • Group circle: help your team feel grounded, heard and connected.

  • Forest retreats exploring nature-based feminism.

  • Mini-foraging course: feel connected to nature and discover the ways in which nature sustains us and supports our healing. 

  • Ending celebration: celebrate and honour someone's service to your organisation. 

  • Our healing from injustice ceremony: discover the justice that can be created in community.

  • Team training: our workshops can help your teams explore sex and intimacy after sexual abuse or get curious about how perpetrator psychology can be present in their work with survivors. 

We will tailor-make an experience for your team, collaborating with our local venue and accommodation partners to find an option that suits your needs and budget.

Pitlochry is 90 mins from Edinburgh airport and has direct trains to Edinburgh, Glasgow and London.

Get in touch to talk to us about your visit

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Join us for LEARNING

We now offer trauma-informed circle facilitation training for individuals or whole teams. If you'd like to add circle to the ways in which you're supporting your clients or your teams come and learn with us.

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Can't come to us?

Let us bring the energy of these hills to you

Our online personal development programme for your teams

We can support your teams as they grow in the work by offering them a space to reflect, share, grow, and feel connected to their colleagues. Our programme of four group circles can be delivered over a month or spread throughout the year, adding a rich ingredient to your CPD programme. ​Circle provides people with a space to pause, connect, and reflect. 

Each circle is held online by Nina and Cynthia. They are 90 minutes long, can accommodate up 40 people and they centre on a particular theme. Our recommended series has the following four circles:

  • Circle 1: Belonging

  • Circle 2: Trust

  • Circle 3: Anger and rage

  • Circle 4: Endings

However, you can tailor your programme, adding sessions or swapping them to include other themes such as

  • Power

  • Conflict

  • Justice

  • Healing

  • Grief and loss

  • Failure

  • Pleasure and joy

  • Boundaries

  • Gratitude

Contact us if you'd like to discuss how a programme of circles could support your team development. 

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the Circle Session yesterday; it really was wonderful to have that space to talk and listen (and especially the silences) to sit with myself. What was so refreshing/reassuring was to know that I was not alone in the things I was struggling with"

Our resources can support your work

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Online resources for all of your clients

A webpage of engaging video resources

Give your clients, staff and volunteers access to a password-protected webpage of our online video resources. From psycho-educational material, through to cooking shows and our podcast game show, our videos can be used to support clients before, during, and after therapy and to supplement internal training and team days.

Our videos cover topics such as the impact of trauma, justice, feminism, sex and relationships after sexual abuse, and activism. 

Get a flavour of our content by watching the videos below.

Consent Collective Cooking Show:
Vietnamese Bun and Complementary Justice 

Complementary justice and a Vietnamese bun
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Special fundraising edition of our podcast gameshow: How to be good in bed