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Our purpose

The Consent Collective is a truly unique organisation. We're a small social enterprise combining a wealth of expertise with a deep passion for social change. We work across a large range of sectors, from education to criminal justice, the workplace and the specialist survivor support sector. We don't do tick box solutions and we don't roll out large standardised programmes of work. We work with partner organisations who share our passion for doing this work well, creating bespoke solutions that will support them in their efforts to prevent and respond to sexual harassment, sexual harm and relationship abuse.


We hold the difficult topics of trauma, abuse and harm and we're passionate about supporting the teams of staff and volunteers who are also asked to do this work. Our range of training, wellbeing and professional development resources are designed to help prevent burn out and enhance connection and professional development. This work starts with our own wellbeing as individuals and as a team. 

Our founders


Dr Nina Burrowes

Dr Nina Burrowes is a psychologist, author, speaker and activist specialising in sexual violence and domestic abuse. Nina is the author of 'The courage to be me', 'Eyes open to sexual abuse. What every parent needs to know' and 'Responding to the challenge of rape myths in court. A guide for prosecutors'. She is also the creator of the online video series 'Sexual abuse. The questions you've never had the chance to ask', the presenter of the BBC's 'Rape Trials: Is the jury out?' and Patron of Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre

Having started her career working with people who cause sexual harm for HM Prison Service Nina now uses her understanding of the causes and consequences of sexual violence to educate judges, barristers, police officers, teachers, university staff and health care practitioners across the UK and overseas. Nina created The Consent Collective to help realise her ambition to create a growing community of expertise and talent that can help organisations talk about consent, relationships and sexual violence in engaging, powerful and creative ways.

You can access Nina's publication archive here.


Cynthia Ellis

Cynthia is in charge of operations at The Consent Collective and looks after our wonderful clients. With a background in the City, Cynthia is an essential bridge between our work and the realities of delivering projects within organisations, making sure our expert content is delivered in an expert way.

Esme Allman


Esme is a writer, actor, theatre-maker and poet.

Kat Araniello

Kat Araniello (and her gorgeous horse Cheese)

Kat campaigns for justice for survivors of sexual violence and relationship abuse

Dr Meg-John Barker


Meg-John is an author and podcaster on sex, gender and relationships

People we love collaborating with

Imogen Butler-Cole

IMG_1481 copy_edited.jpg

Imogen is the creator of Foreign Body. She's an actor, theatre-maker, trainer, and activist.

Henry Garrett


Henry is an illustrator and author

Tanaka Mhishi


Our poet-in-residence Tanaka is also a playwright, activist and performer.

Our profit

We're a social enterprise. We use the profit we create selling our resources to fund the activism and community projects we care about like our journey talking about healing from injustice and the Mother tree mentorship scheme.

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