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The video series below has been created to help our existing clients get the most out of Consent Collective TV. If you're curious about how TV might help bring conversations about consent to your college or university this course will give you an understanding of how TV works to support your students, welfare teams, reporting teams, academic staff and tutors. 

Total play time: 40 mins

"The Consent Collective adds a different dynamic to the university's student support on consent. Access to their content provides an accessible and positive opening for students and staff to discuss issues affecting us all."

Rebecca, Policy and Projects Officer
The University of Edinburgh


In addition to Consent Collective TV we have other resources to support your work.

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Essential psychology when investigating reports of sexual harassment

Feel more confident about the decisions you reach and your process of getting there with a firm grounding in the psychology of sexual harm from a leading expert


A 2 day online learning retreat as a support and training resource

A gentle, in-depth exploration of the process of healing from trauma for anyone living with the impact of trauma and those supporting them


The illustrated book
by Dr Nina Burrowes
'The courage to be me'

This book has helped thousands of people on their healing journey after sexual or relationship abuse. Buy it in bulk to offer to the people you're supporting


If you want to talk about getting any of these resources to your college or university book in a phone call with Cynthia or send her an email

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