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Wear the work everyday

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In English

The courage to be me

An illustrated book about life after sexual violence or relationship abuse

"I owe a debt of thanks to Dr Nina Burrowes for this book. As someone who detests self-help books I was completely unprepared for the profound positive impact this had on me immediately. It is the most constructive resource I personally have had access to. If you, a friend, or someone in your life is struggling with this experience I urge you to check out Nina's book - its honesty and simplicity challenges and supports you in taking the same approach yourself" 

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The courage to be me

2014 edition

Little book on authenticity_cover.jpg

The little book on authenticity

Eyes Open_Parents_cover.jpg

Eyes open to sexual abuse. Book for parents

Fantasy book shop.png

The fantasy book store

One day we may open a small bookstore that sells good coffee and bran muffins. When we do, these are the books that will be on our shelves...

The five roles of a master herder. A revolutionary model for socially intelligent leadership

Linda Kohanov


Toko-pa Turner

The language of emotions

Karla McLaren

Dignity. Its essential role in resolving conflict

Donna Hicks

The heart of trauma

Bonnie Badenoch

Emergent strategy

Adrienne Maree Brown

The complexity of connection

Judith V.Jordan, Maureen Walker & Linda Hartling

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