The Consent Collective at the

London School of Economics

Every university community needs to start talking about consent, sex, gender, sexual harassment and relationships. That's why The Consent Collective is proud to be working with

LSE to start conversations about these important issues.

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Seeking growth in adversity, community in isolation, and calm in chaos

Where to go for support and information

As well as using your Consent Collective membership students and staff

at LSE can also seek support and information using the links below

On campus

Bullying and harassment can be reported using LSE's dedicated online form. The university states that any reports will be treated confidentially, and followed up promptly and fairly.

Click here for a list of sources of support and information on campus at LSE.

A sexual violence support worker from Rape Crisis South London, comes to LSE once a month and is there if you would like a safe space to talk about any sexual violence you have experienced, or to find out about longer term support.

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