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The Consent Collective has been on a journey about justice and activism

We left our Brighton home in September 2021 and began travelling the UK, visiting survivor organisations and talking about healing from the injustices caused by sexual violence and relationship abuse. We used our journey to travel towards a different way of doing our activism. We explored what it means to build community, to work more closely with nature, and to expand our understanding of healing and justice. We finished travelling in April 2023 and have begun the process of putting everything we have learned into practice.

You're invited on this trip with us. Sit back and relax for an hour as we share tales from our life on the road. Hear about the places, the people, and the lessons that have been part of our adventure as we've explored what it means to work towards a different way of creating change at a time when change is greatly needed. 

Content description: As well as beautiful stories from the road these stories include references to the feelings associated with the injustices caused by sexual harm and relationship abuse including references to fear, anger, dissociation and shame.