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Tue, 14 Sept



How do people heal from injustice? (For ISVAs and IDVAs)

Join The Consent Collective as we gather and share wisdom about how people heal from injustice after sexual violence or relationship abuse. Please read all of the information about this event before signing up

How do people heal from injustice? (For ISVAs and IDVAs)
How do people heal from injustice? (For ISVAs and IDVAs)

Time & Location

14 Sept 2021, 16:30 – 18:00


About the event

Please note: This particular online circle is for people who are employed as Independent Sexual Violence Advisers (ISVAs) or Independent Domestic Violence Advisers (IDVAs). Ideally, please sign up using your work email address.

Learning to live with and heal from injustice is a huge part of the process of being by the side of people who have experienced sexual violence or relationship abuse. Part of the work is to learn to abide what we see as we bear witness to efforts to find a sense of justice. 

Healing from injustice is an age-old path. One travelled by many before us, and many after us. Can we ease our own journey by gathering together to listen, to share, and to make space for our collective wisdom to emerge? 

This 90 minute online video call will be hosted by Nina and Cynthia from The Consent Collective and will use The Circle Way as a way of gathering together. This approach makes space for everyone to be heard in a way that is gentle and truly about community. You may wish to find out more about Circle Way before attending (click here).

Before signing up to this event please read all of this information as by signing up you are agreeing to everything below:

This event is for ISVAs and IDVAs who are curious about healing from injustice. Maybe you join this circle soley because of the injustice you see through your work. Maybe part of the injustice you're holding is  due to your own experiences of sexual violence or relationship abuse. Maybe part of the injustice you're holding is due to the abuse experienced by people you care about. In either case, this circle is about healing and at no point will you be asked to give details of any abuse.  

This event is not a therapy session and should not be used as a substitute for any mental health support or professional supervision you may need. Think of it as a very rich version of a focus group. We are gathering around a question (How do people heal from injustice?) and we are seeking wisdom in relation to that question.

This event is not about any legal or complaints process and it is not about achieving justice through those processes. It's about healing our bodies, minds, hearts and communities from injustice in its widest sense.

This event is only open to people who are aged 18 and over.

This event is open to people of all genders.   

This event will be held via Zoom. The dial-in links will be sent to you nearer the time. If you're new to using Zoom this article will help you connect with the call. We will expect everyone attending to turn on their video cameras during the call and we ask that people use headphones if the call can be overheard by others in the space they are joining from.

There will be 25 places on this call. If you book a place but find that you cannot attend nearer the time please let us know ( so that someone else might have your place. 

These are the agreements we will use as part of this circle:

  • We agree that any personal material that is shared is confidential and will be kept within the group. We also agree to respect the privacy of people who are not part of this circle as and when we are talking about others by avoiding using names and identifying information where possible.
  • We listen with compassion and curiosity. We listen without judging, or feeling the need to comment, fix, or give advice. We do this because we honour the journey that every individual is on and the central role of their own inner wisdom on that journey.
  • We agree to ask for what we need and give what we can.
  • We agree to the pause. Anyone in the group can call a pause at any moment. We see the pause as a necessary part of the conversation. It gives us a moment to think, to settle, to re-centre ourselves, and to make space for the wisdom that is often located in the quieter parts of our minds.
  • We agree to be mindful of what we share and how we share it. We understand that the centre of this circle is healing and we agree to be called back to that centre by anyone in the group. If someone calls a pause whilst we are talking we will recognise that as them holding the shape of the circle, rather than them silencing us.
  • We trust that whoever shows up and whatever shows up in this circle is as it should be. 

We're offering this event free of charge but we are not a charity and we do not recieve any funding for our work. We choose to trust in our community. If you're able to, please consider signing up for a course (our online retreat 'How do people heal from trauma?' will most definitely serve you well in your role), buying a book, or buying some of our clothing to support our work and help us deliver awesome events like this for free. 


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