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We've arrived.

We're in the place we couldn't have known when we left our last front door, shutting it behind and stepping into the unknown.

We're in the place we could only have found through trusting the process. One foot in front of the other without a clear end in sight. Arriving thanks to the journey. Arriving with the journey.

We're in the place our bodies said 'yes' to so completely. So clearly. Like the trees and the water and the rocks were talking directly to us. 'Here. Make your home here.'

A view of distant snow covered hills with a winding loch and fir covered hills in the foreground.
The view from Craigower. One of the many beautiful walks we can do from our new front door.

We're in the place we followed the signs to, like Hansel and Gretel. The breadcrumbs we followed were gifts, ease, connections, everything saying 'Yes! Here!' The breadcrumbs we followed were also hard. Bodies saying 'Here!'. Hospitals saying 'Now!'. And so we followed. One foot in front of the other. Our stepping stone journey. I look back and I see people and places. I see laughter and discovery. I see all the miles that circled us here. I see all of the ways we've been held, how our landings have been softened, how the trust we placed in the process has been heard. And when I step down into this place it feels like I'm stepping down with all of that with me. Grown. Changed. Ready.

We're in the place that has surprised us. Really? That's going to be our home? Not a large retreat centre in the hills but a small home in a community. This journey has changed us. We've learned that small is big. We've learned that having less gives you more. So instead of owning a retreat centre we can be part of a place that has so much more than we could ever own or build in a life time. Here there are waterfalls, stone circles, lochs, and forests. Here there is every kind of accommodation you could want and there's even a theatre. Having chosen to own less, now the only limit to our work will be our imagination, not our budget.

We've arrived in this place that feels like a sanctuary. Nestled by the hills, fed by the water, celebrated by the birds, made sacred by the returning salmon.

Our beautiful journey is over. But every time we wake up here. Every time we look out the window at the hills, or walk in the woods to see the waterfalls. Every time someone asks us 'So why did you move to Pitlochry?' We'll smile because of the story that brought us here.


This is the final post for our 'On the road' blog.

Thank you for being part of our journey over the last 18 months.

This adventure is over.

The next one begins.


Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

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