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Talking in circles 15: Future echo

We're living in a future echo, spending a month living in the town where this journey will end. We're feeling into what life here might be like but also holding on to the fact that we still have more journeying to do.

In this conversation we explore how we have been wintering, how we've been held by this space, and how despite the stormy seas it's felt like the vessel we're in is solid.

After 18 months of living with our 17 boxes we also feel into what it might be like to be reunited with the rest of our belongings, how we might find a balance between the practical and beautiful parts of the rest of the journey and how we might create an ending that honours the road we've been on.

Sit back, relax, and join us in this episode of our audio blog - Talking in circles.



Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

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