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Talking in circles 14: In search of equanimity

We start this conversation tentatively as we try to take it all in. Try to see it in its fullness. Sitting with the jarring impact of this recent health scare that has thrown me off balance, thrown us.

Perhaps now health scares will always equal the sum of them all, rather than just be the size of each part. It’s almost impossible to separate the experience of cancer 4 years ago, from the questions we hold right now. In a flash, it feels as big as then, even if it’s not. How can we feel each part for what they are, see them for the size they truly are, and at the same time appreciate the whole? Is the practice of equanimity something that can help us through it? To practice sitting with it all, without getting tangled amongst the labels of ‘this is good’, ‘this is bad’. This is all part of the same whole.

We’re feeling a sense of urgency in this very moment and I wonder where will it lead us to. Most likely in circles a bit and then again down the straight, back up the hill and down again. That’s the beauty of journeying right, the path changes, and if it didn’t, it may well mean we’re not moving along the path at all.

We talk about the practical challenges of not having our own home right now, which seems to completely baffle the medical system but how we still feel completely looked after and within flow.

I’m not one for silver linings but this part of the journey too is certainly one that is full of discovery. And of course, not all discoveries are easy or feel necessarily good, but the essence of discovery is always welcome here.

Sit back, relax, and join us in this episode of our audio blog - Talking in circles.


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