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Here are four ways we can support you...

A webpage of engaging video resources

Give your clients, staff and volunteers access to a password-protected webpage of our online video resources. From psycho-educational material, through to cooking shows and our podcast game show, our videos can be used to support clients before, during, and after therapy and to supplement internal training and team days.

Our videos cover topics such as the impact of trauma, justice, feminism, sex and relationships after sexual abuse, and activism. 

Get a flavour of our content by watching the videos below.

Consent Collective Cooking Show:
Vietnamese Bun and Complementary Justice 

Special fundraising edition of our podcast gameshow: How to be good in bed

"We're using this resource by hosting regular lunchtime watch sessions for staff who now feel more equipped to have these conversations with service users"

Online circles for your teams

We use The Circle Way to hold space for people to gather around important topics like wellbeing, healing, justice, resilience, and white supremacy. This process can be used to support personal development, professional development, and a sense of connectedness when so many people are working from home. Circles can be commissioned individually or we can create an annual programme of themes for your staff or volunteers.

"That was the best thing I've done since the start of lockdown"

"I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the Circle Session yesterday; it really was wonderful to have that space to talk and listen (and especially the silences) to sit with myself. What was so refreshing/reassuring was to know that I was not alone in the things I was struggling with"

How do people heal from trauma?

'How do people heal from trauma?' is a pre-recorded 2-day online learning retreat for survivors, therapists and support workers.


This is your user-guide to trauma.


Blending the latest science with ancient wisdom this learning retreat will help you understand the lay of the land so that you can navigate your own path and support others on their journey too. 

Using video, illustration, worksheets, and even a cooking show the material is designed to give people a firm foundation in understanding what trauma is, how it impacts people, and the many ways in which people heal. Whilst therapists and support workers may choose to go through the pre-recorded content over a 2-day period, all users will have access to the material for at least one year, ensuring they can go through the content at their own pace.

Start your retreat here.

Feedback from a training session delivered as part of building 'How do people heal from trauma?'

"I'm a counsellor at a specialist support service for survivors and I've experienced many trauma training's over the years. Nina's presentation was one of the most cohesive I have ever experienced.  I felt she drew together the science about what is happening in the body when trauma occurs and then followed it through into the behaviours and experiences that we might encounter in working with our clients as a result.


I happened to have 2 clients booked in after the training sessions and what we covered in the training was instantly recognisable and relevant to me in the work with my clients.  I felt that the training had given me clearer insight and direction as to how I could work through the effects of the trauma" 


The courage to be me

The courage to be me is an illustrated book that is designed to help people who've experienced sexual abuse understand themselves and their experience better.


Published in 2014 the book has supported 1000s of people on their journey of courage, hope and self-compassion. This resource is freely available online or you can bulk-buy copies directly from us to include as part of your welcome pack for new clients.  

The courage to be me_preview01.jpg

"The best book on the subject I have ever come across"

"Right in front of me were my own feelings and fears that I dared never speak of, that I held in me because I thought it was only me who felt that way... suddenly it wasn't just me anymore and that is why this book is so special"

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