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Stories to celebrate a year of being on the road

A year ago, when we closed the front door of our old home for the last time we could not have imagined what we would be doing today. All we could know was that we were consciously stepping into the unknown. We were stepping into possibility and we were deeply curious about where that would take us. At the time the questions on our mind were - would our business cope with our constant travel? Would we cope? Would our relationship be okay? Now, with many months and a fair few miles under our belt those aren't the questions that feel most pressing. Now we're curious about what did we learn? How are we growing? What relationships are growing as we continue to travel?

Today, one year later from closing that door behind us, we're in Whidbey Island, Washington State, USA.

Today, we're taking part in a ceremony about healing from the injustices caused by sexual harm and relationship abuse. This ceremony is the culmination of months of careful learning. It has been born out of our travels and it has been co-nurtured by the wonderful people at Healing Circles Global who have been supporting us since we left home.

The timing of today's ceremony, exactly one year from the day since we started our journey is a coincidence. But one of the many lessons we've learned on this trip is to see 'coincidence' as the universe smiling at us. So we smile back with gratitude for its elegant timing.

Friday 24th September 2021 - packed up and ready for our adventure

The lessons have come thick and fast on this flowing, spiralling, generous journey we are on. A few months ago we started holding storytelling events as we travel. These were an opportunity to begin the process of sharing some of the things we've gathered from our journey on the road and with the question 'how do we heal from injustice?'. It's also been a journey about activism too, we've welcomed a different perspective on how we 'create change' and what our priorities can be if we care about the impact of sexual harm and relationship abuse.

To honour a year on the road we're delighted to share an abridged version of these lessons here. We hope some of our tales resonate with you. If you'd like to join us online for the full version please sign up to the event at the bottom of this post.

Today as we look back we're also looking ahead. Our journey continues. We're a year in, but not at the end of the road. So the question on our mind today with a smile:

Where will we be a year from today?


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