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Empty house, full heart

A photo of Brighton and Hove sea side with the sun rising in the distance taken this morning as we prepare to leave.
The sunrise in Brighton this morning

It’s been weeks of getting ready for this trip. Packing boxes, sign writing a van,

planning visits across the country, finding places to stay, holding circle,

filming; a beautiful medley of activity that’s brought us to today.

Today we leave what has been the most beautiful place to call home over the past few years. Here we’ve built and grown and done so in the comfortable arms of familiarity of faces and places. We’ve said goodbye to friends, had many a tear and many a smile, not forgetting the many swims, even the dolphins came to wave us goodbye.

We’re ready for this! To travel with our work, waters finding new ways to flow.

The journey as well as the destination(s) are pretty unknown and that can feel

a bit overwhelming at times but mainly this feels right. We don’t know what

the road ahead looks like but we know only what we can imagine it to be and

that’s no small thing, our human super power I believe.

This is goodbye, hello and thank you all in one. So gratefully saying goodbye

and see you soon to all the wonderful moments and people here in Brighton, each will be travelling with us, pebbles jangling in our pockets. And HELLO! new

moments and new people and this adventure, it already feels ‘wow’. And

thank you, to all energies, old, new and awaiting. What a magnificent sky of

colour you are.

For us, I wish safe travels, the ability to stay grounded and open to all of this,

to be gentle with ourselves and each other and to stay close to the centre of

the work we are so privileged to do and do so in joyful service.

I simply can’t wait to share it with you all.



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Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

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