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Every river tells a story

Sun-rise paddle on the river Hamble

In many ways, we’ve already started leaving our Brighton home and this week was a dip of the toes into the journey ahead. We spent the week house-sitting, we had time on the beautiful river Hamble, which is a short walk away from where we’re staying, we had a stupendous amount of cuddles with the world’s most gorgeous Cockerpoo, Buddy.

This week was a chance for us to test drive taking our work on the road in this way, house-sitting over the next year, and probably more. Our work is the root of this journey for us, we are making sure it’s travel-ready, that it has tons of space to grow and flourish. The work we do is what we’re taking on the road, it’s why we are doing this and it feels so abundant to see it finding its flow in this new rhythm we’re chiming to welcome it in.

I can also feel the letting go of the river banks (Pema’s wise words echo here), at first scary and then, well quite natural. More natural perhaps than holding on all the time, although the banks are just as relevant too. I guess trust is the essence and that too feels like something to practice. And not lazily so because to float along with the river currents, you need to do your part, be able to swim, build up the fitness, look out for the resting places along the banks and enjoy the views!

This week has brought to life questions such as, where is home and what does belonging mean? Questions that can remain hypothetically big but have a practical answer when you’re in it! How does it express itself? It’s been interesting, I’ve learned that I need a good few days to settle into a new space, that we need a good few days to settle ourselves together. Practical things like, where do I put my shoes, can I hang my clothes out, really make a difference, and now we know we can prepare for these super practical bits too. A living metaphor of settling and the elements needed for that. A place for things, clothes, feelings, and new energies. I’ve learned that it is going to be important to allow myself the time I need to settle in, rather than spending that energy on questioning why I don’t feel settled! (Self-hug :) )

Circle-for-two has been here with us too. Using it to make much-needed space for our difference and to say to each other ‘I see you, I hear you, I stand with you.'

We hope to see many of you along this journey, where you too are invited into circle, to see and be seen, to hear and be heard, and to find the places where we stand beautifully together.

Here’s to many more rivers and many more stories.

With love



Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

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