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First day of filming

A photo of Blue and Sara from Gold Star Productions with Nina in the middle.

So much of preparing for this journey has held the magic of happy coincidence. As if the universe is conspiring to ease the path and make connections that you simply couldn't engineer. Today is most definitely a gift from the universe.

I met Sara and Blue from Gold Star Productions many years and several haircuts ago. I was just about to publish The courage to be me and was speaking at a conference for St Mary's SARC in Manchester. Sara and Blue were there filming the event as part of a programme they were making for the BBC.

The subsequent film 'The unspeakable crime: Rape' was a compassionate and brave documentary on the process of reporting rape. Sara and Blue were obviously able to make people feel comfortable enough to capture raw but important moments that helped viewers see the rollercoaster ride that is the criminal justice side of life after rape.

Over the following years, every now and then I'd get in touch with Gold Star to see if they were looking for project ideas. They weren't. They're good at what they do and have a particular interest in longer term projects which means they are always busy. So when I sent them a speculative email earlier this summer I was expecting to hear that they were busy and didn't have space for a new project.

Enter the universe.

A few weeks later and here we are in our kitchen, HUGE cameras and all sorts of filming gear everywhere (yes, Sara and Blue do occasionally get told that they look a bit like the Ghostbusters when they are all kitted up!).

We had a magical day talking, walking, and eventually sitting around a fire talking about what we've learned from our journey so far as we've held groups to talk about healing from injustice after sexual harm or relationship abuse.

It feels wonderful to be working with people who are as passionate about capturing this story as we are. And it seems we already have some companions for the road ahead : )


If you'd like to join us for an online circle about healing from injustice go to our events page where we post details of any upcoming events.

If you work for a support organisation and you spot that we're coming to your local area get in touch with us if you'd like to discuss bringing this work to your local area.


Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

Find out about the whole journey here.


Resources to support you on your journey

An online course to help you heal from trauma

Online course
8 hours

Essential, gentle learning for individuals living with trauma and the therapists and support workers who are accompanying them on their healing journey

An image from The courage to be me reading 'A better life would mean looking at my past so that I can learn to live with it'

Self-help book

The illustrated book about life after abuse that has helped thousands of people on their journey. Read it for free online or order your paperback copy

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