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Talking in circles 10: Finding the stillness

There’s a rhythm to what we’re doing. It’s still new to us in many ways, and probably it will always feel new. We’re continuously figuring it out! Figuring ourselves out in these new spaces. Where do we find our stillness and grounding in an ever changing landscape? What a wonderful conundrum :)

We’re on our way back down south as part of our loop of the country, before we make our way back north again from April onwards. So many feelings to try and honour, like the joys of all the travelling and experiences that are already behind us, of seeing family and catching up with our Brighton crew soon, and also honouring the next steps, which include time with the film crew, more circle and our thoughts are also directed to the ceremony in the summer, which is all part of this journey. And of course, we’re holding our day-to-day Consent Collective work very safely and making sure it is nourished and well cared for, so that we can continue this journey. With so many energies around, it feels a bit like a party where too many of your favourite people are there and a bunch of new interesting folk too and you want to spend time with them all, have an in-depth chat, really hear how they are.

The truth is that you can’t do it all at once. You spend time with one energy at a time, making sure you give it your full attention, whilst also knowing you’ll get your time with the others, perhaps not on this very occasion, but another.

We also talk about the skills we’re developing on this trip… and we’re not just talking about getting really good at figuring out almost any appliance these days! A depth of understanding of what it feels like to be fully in the moment and the profoundness of such a simple realisation.

Join us in this conversation as we ‘talk in circles’ in this episode on our blog.

We love feeling your energies as part of it all.

With deep thanks and gratitude

Cyn xx

Photo: A view of 'Penny's Valley' in The Cotswolds



Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

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