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Talking in circles 11: The sea was large today, just as any other day

We've been unsettled. Off-balance. Struggling to find our feet. Our own unease has met global unease. Catching us already off-balance. Turning the volume up on our doubt. Evoking a question that hasn't been here before... Should we stop?

These are the large seas we navigate in this episode of 'Talking in Circles'. And beautifully we can't help but navigate them together, with the knowledge of everything we have shared before. These are today's seas but we've sailed in storms before. How can the roads we've travelled before helps us with our current moment? What does it feel like to sit with the idea of stopping? What does it mean to 'continue as normal' when everything feels changed? How do we find our feet, or is this a time for being blown by the wind? And is this all somehow harder because we're on our home patch instead of being far away?

We hope you'll join us as we reflect on the how we're navigating this bumpy moment on the road.


Mentioned in this recording

Time on her side by Future Islands (one of our cancer-treatment playlist songs)


Nina and Cynthia with The Consent Collective Van

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