Talking in circles 6: The power of circle

How has the first month on the road been and how did it feel to hold our first in person circles? In this episode of Talking in Circles, we unpack thoughts, feelings and inspirations. We talk about the power of Circle, the power of gathering and the power that lies in the potential of healing.

We held two Circles over two days, with a collection of amazing women. And even in the short space of two days, we got to know some of them in the richest kind of way. We all shared. At the Centre of our Circles was healing, framed by the question ‘How do people heal from injustice’.

The fire roared! The logs that were added by each and every person there, made it so. There were tensions held, and it was incredible to see the group hold space for these tensions, together, the responsibility not falling on any one person’s shoulders. We all held the space together and that was powerful!

We arrived at places, not because we knew we were going there but only because we took the first step and then the next and then the next. We arrived at a place where we could share the power that the potential of healing holds for us to discover. The kind of power that is not about painting silver linings but is about stepping closer to what it feels like to hold our anger, our rage, our work towards change in a system that is broken, from a healed placed within ourselves. The power we have when our starting place is from the potential in healing. Maya Angelou, an elder we can turn to on this as we gather wisdom around the fire, talks of this power, as oil wells and diamonds and a beautiful defiance. Not a choice between healing or anger but a glimpse of what we can do with our power when we are participating in our (possibly lifelong) journey towards healing.

We hope you enjoy listening.


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