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Talking in circles 7: Rage

In a journey full of the unexpected, nature gifts me a lesson on rage. As a theme it has been bubbling up for months. It has a sticky energy that feels like it never really leaves. It's there in circle when we gather to talk about healing from injustice. Some people join circle holding this energy on the outside for all to see, and other's (like me) hold it close, perhaps trying to keep it out of sight. It's there for us as we travel around the country with such a hopeful project but all with the backdrop of more and more disturbing news headlines about the kind of society we are living in.

A beautiful carving called the Oak Maiden at Cae Mabon retreat centre. The image is sculpted into a living tree standing at the river edge.
A carving called the Oak Maiden at Cae Mabon retreat centre. I was struck by the 'tears' running down her cheeks. The result of the rain? Or is she mirroring the rage that the river at her feet is processing?

For me it's been here in the form of pressing questions: How do we express our rage healthily? What are the messages that we've been given about anger and rage? Are we allowed to feel it? Show it? Use it? What have we learned about the harm rage can cause through our own experiences? How do we heal from injustice WITH our rage?

Enter my gift from the universe - a Hobbit Hut. I told you it was unexpected.

A Hobbit Hut
Our home by the raging river

We were given the opportunity to volunteer at Cae Mabon retreat centre in Snowdonia just as we were leaving Wales. Here I spent three days working, eating, and sleeping (in a Hobbit Hut) by a raging river that was in full flow from heavy rain.

Cyn and I pick up the story in this episode of 'Talking in circles'. You can listen to the audio recording of our 30 minute conversation by clicking the play button on the image below. This episode was recorded whilst driving so you might want to use headphones as there is a fair bit of background noise.


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