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Talking in circles 8: On fertile ground

On our second day staying in Ceres we met a local woman whilst we were walking in the hills and asked her about the name of the village. She said that it was named after a Greek Goddess of fertility. Sure enough, this month we have found ourselves on very fertile ground.

When we arrived here we hit the land with a bump, going straight into delivering work. Over the month literally hundreds of judges, police officers, military police and people who work in survivor organisations entered into our little cottage via online events. Remote working isn't detached working. I could feel the energy of all of these people and I struggled to make space for everyone. Daylight was also in short supply. With the shorter hours of daylight there were days when it felt like all I did was work. I love my work. But what about the adventure of travelling? When were we going to experience the magic of Scotland?

Photos from our month in Scotland. Meeting old friends and making new ones

This beautiful country kept us waiting until the end, and it was well worth the wait. On our last weekend a friend and her 12 year old daughter arrived to visit us from our home town of Brighton. They arrived on the wave of Storm Arwen. A storm which looked like its ripple effects could pretty much ruin their stay with us. Planes had bumpy landings. Trees fell. Power was cut. But... just over 24 hours later we all woke up on Sunday morning to a light covering of snow, the feeling of Christmas day, the promise of snowball fights and plans for adventures in the hills. We drove to The Hermitage near Pitlochy. Part of me is still there. Amongst the giant trees. In the river. On a day that can only be described as 'We went to Narnia'.

Cyn and I pick up the story in this episode of 'Talking in circles' our audio recorded conversations of life on the road. Here we talk about our experiences of holding circle this month, what if feels like to receive, and - did we really just find a magical kingdom at the back of our wardrobe?


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